Virtual Steroid Therapy New Zealand

Virtual Steroid Therapy New Zealand

Virtual Steroid Therapy New Zealand through hypnosis is a mental treatment that is used to trick the subconscious of a patient to make it mimic the effects of natural steroids. Thanks to its unique approach, it is possible to see positive changes in the production of muscle protein, development of stamina, and increasing focus and determination to overcome many obstacles.

It is surprising to see that people are becoming more attached to this type of hypnosis even when it is something that has been used for years. However, nowadays it is used to make the mind develop abilities and techniques that can aid the body while reducing body fat and adding muscle notification without having to actually consume any performance enhancement supplement.


One of the main reasons why this kind of therapy is effective for sports is the fact that it offers a great form of relaxation to the mind, making the patient’s muscles contract more efficiently, something that is valuable for weight loss and even muscle toning.


Whenever the word steroid is used, one always has to wonder if it is something that follows legal procedures and rules. Yes, this therapy is legal as it does not necessarily involve the consumption of this supplement, in fact, the mind is tricked to make the body perform just like if steroids were consumed, achieving all major benefits without sacrificing anything and most importantly, without breaking rules or committing illegal activities.

This means that it is possible to receive all benefits of steroids while being legal and safe for the athlete. The reason why it is perfectly legal is for the fact that this treatment is considered a sports hypnosis therapy, and these mental treatments are not troublesome, in fact, these have been done ages ago.


It is possible to increase the muscle mass of the body with hard work and dedication, however, results will never be the same without the usage of supplements, and one of the most effective (steroids) happens to be illegal in many countries and competitions. That is when Virtual Steroids Therapy comes in handy, as it will make the brain feel the addition of hormones that will enhance performance in order to increase muscle mass and furthermore, obtain their desired goals.

Manipulating the subconscious comes with many benefits and outstanding results, as the body will take orders from the mind, and if the mind is perfectly trained, then even the impossible will seem possible. These therapies are popular not only for their approach but also for the fact that the patient’s body does not have to change the workout routines or diets, proving to be an effective and comfortable treatment.

This therapy works outstandingly well because hypnosis plays a massive role in the increment of sporting skills and determination. Making the mind and subconscious work in the body’s favor is a powerful tool, something that people like Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson understood to perfection as they used sports hypnosis to conquer their fears, increase their determination and even obtain better bodies.


The good thing about this therapy is that not only professional sports stars can take it, in fact, it is recommended for Olympic athletes to use hypnosis as a way of achieving peak performance in order to improve their responsiveness, speed, strength, and focus in a considerable margin, and since hypnosis is also excellent for dealing with stress and commitment, it becomes something easier to recommend.


The patient will first get to meet the therapist which will describe everything about the procedure, treatment, and everything that needs to be discussed before taking further action. Just like many other hypnosis treatments, it is important to discuss personal goals and objectives to meet, then the therapist will use cognitive techniques to make the patient’s mind reach a total state of focus and comfort. Then, using the power of suggestion, the body will be able to mimic the natural effects of steroids, which is why allows a sudden increment of muscle growth and proper definition.

Developing and relying on cognitive resources proves to be one of the most important parts of the therapy, as it is what will enhance abilities, knowledge, and experience on certain topics. Sports hypnosis is absolutely the same thing, that is why the subconscious is what it is targeted because is what will make the mind “force” the body to achieve goals and increase performance.

Since the whole treatment is a form of mental self-treatment that helps patients achieve goals and meet their objectives, it is also an impressive source of self-motivation and improvement that can help a lot of professionals improve their concentration and focus.


Since it is a hypnosis treatment that has been growing in popularity, it is important to discover whether is safe to follow or if people should be wary. In this case, there is nothing to worry about, as this therapy proves to be generally safe, just keep in mind that like many other treatments, there are always words of caution that need to be considered in order to avoid unwanted situations or experiences.

It is undeniable that there are many benefits, but some of them might go unnoticed. This hypnosis therapy enhances muscle growth and provides more definition to muscles while increasing mass and raw strength. Also, exercise and sports performance will gradually increase thanks to reducing the symptoms of muscle fatigue, soreness, and anxiety or depression.

Finally, it provides a significant boost to energy levels, mood, testosterone levels and it even improves sleep quality as the body will feel absolutely amazing for being able to complete all of the desired objectives. Overall, it proves to be a powerful tool and treatment that needs to be addressed properly if the patient desires to meet all sports objectives and goals without having to rely on the consumption of illegal supplements or massively changing workout routines or diets,

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