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“I was sceptical coming into this, but honestly can’t believe how much has changed with only 2 sessions.  Before coming to see you, I really felt like my light had gone out, I feel like something has lifted and I just see everything so differently now. Those old memories just don’t affect me any more.  I have my spark back and I’m looking forward to life.  Thank-you, you have really made a difference to my life”

A Cochrane,  Auckland


“I have noticed that Amy isn’t in a constant state of anxiety anymore.  She still worries about things, but is using some of the techniques that you have given her and it doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.  She has been going out more with her new friends and accepting all invitations to do things.

I am happy to speak to anyone and tell them how well things are starting to work. Amy has actually started to stick up for herself with her peers (unheard of in the past) and gives as good as she gets, as her confidence grows, which is another great sign, so I know what  a relief it is for a mum to see this happening. Thankyou”

“Before going to see zen hypnotherapy,  I had not heard of Hypnotherapy as a method of getting help.  It is nearly a year since my first sessions and while I still sometimes experience the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts that I did before I started, I now know I don’t have to let them own me (though they certainly try).  Zen hypnotherapy is used as a tool to get inside and open me up and then used love to deliver me the tools to work through what I was and still sometimes do experience.   I was made intimately aware of the path I had been walking and the destructive choices I had made, I was never judged, and allowed me to be able to recognise the actions as symptoms, not as the dis-ease. Only love and support were offered.  This therapy has been a huge part of getting me through to this moment and I am extremely thankful to the creation for placing her in my life’s path at just the right time.  If you have even the tiniest belief that talking to someone would help then I would recommend you go see zen hypnotherapy”

Jason M, Waihi Beach


“I found the sessions very relaxing and pleasurable and compassionate and easy to talk. I trusted in the process and was curious to see if it would work. Now I feel that hypnotherapy is the only way to go.  I found this incredible therapist helped heal me like no other. Her kindness and compassion is like nothing I have experienced before. She gets to the core of dysfunctional behavior and problems and addresses beliefs that are limiting and destructive. She helped me re-write my story so that I no longer believed in defeat or hopelessness. I now believe in myself and love myself like no other. If you want change – this is where it begins, so don’t waste your time with anyone else”

Jane P, Beachlands


“All I knew of hypnotherapy was what I’d seen at a show and on TV where willing participants did crazy things at the hands of the hypnotists. After talking through things with the therapist and having a session I learned there was a lot more to hypnotherapy and I found it to be hugely beneficial and absolutely amazing. I would now describe hypnotherapy as guided meditation.  I really enjoyed my sessions as I felt I wasn’t being judged. I felt safe and I could trust the process to guide me through the situation. It was a very balanced and calming experience.  It’s absolutely amazing and well worth trying. It allowed to me heal, and gave me a sense of clarity, balance and peacefulness. Zen Hypnotherapy,  you rock!”

Michelle B, Maraetai


 “I had a very quick and natural birth, and although an episiotomy was needed,  im SO HAPPY. My hypno techniques were great for the labour. I used the deepening track at home at 3am and the first stage birth track got me through the drive to hospital. Thanks for everything!”

Successful VBAC – F.C, Maraetai


“I went to the Hypnotherapy session with an open mind and heart, because I believed it would help in some way and it did. What I specifically enjoyed was the way the sessions were conducted, non judgmental and with great kindness. I would say to a friend give it a go, you may be surprised what it can do for you and what it can bring up emotionally”

Glenda D, Beachlands


“Thank you so much, I appreciate your help already, and being able to open up is a big relief for me. I feel better after today and have been using some of the tips you gave me, I know this is going to help me.”

R.Wade, Auckland


“Normally so close to a flight I am an anxious mess, the session and audios have helped a lot with my anxiety, even my partner and work mates have noticed the difference this time.   I got back home yesterday, both flights were pretty bumpy but the air hostess manager was great and the audios helped alot”

D McLean, Auckland

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