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Addiction Support

Addiction is a neuropsychological disorder characterized by persistent use of a substance or behaviour, despite substantial harm and adverse consequences.   Continuing with this use or behaviour often alters brain function in ways that perpetuate craving and undermine self-control.

Need help with addiction?

If you are struggling with addiction and need help overcoming it, Zen Hypnotherapy Australia and Counselling Auckland can help.  Addiction comes in many forms, Alcohol, drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex to name but a few.

Zen Hypnotherapy & Counselling –  Combines medically proven, clinical hypnotherapy and counselling to help you overcome addiction.  We provide strictly confidential and non judgemental advice and support.  We tailor your session to you for faster results so you can gain back control of your life, helping you identify underlying causes for your addiction, and giving you tools to manage cravings and your personal triggers.

All sessions require that you fill out our questionnaire giving us some background as to who you are and what we can do to help you achieve your goals.   It will allow you the opportunity to let us know all about you, ask any questions you might have about addiction and how we can do that will help, making sure that what we offer is the right choice for you.

Dealing with an addiction can feel overwhelming, and starting the journey to free yourself of addiction can seem challenging at first, but it does get better, and is much easier if you reach out for help and get support to help you on your journey.

You have already made a big leap forward by acknowledging that you might need help, the next step is making contact ….. Contact Us

My thoughts on Addiction

My belief is that a person chooses to mask their pain, whatever that is. For some the action that masks their pain may not be comprehensible to others, but they don’t choose to be an addict. I haven’t met a smoker or drug addict yet that said, “I’m going to start smoking so I can get addicted” or an alcoholic who stated “I’m going to start drinking so I can lose everything”, at the time an addict has their first drink, smoke, hit ….. whatever it is, the intent at that time is not to be where they end up, it’s on how it makes them feel right now, and if that happens to make them feel better, so the cycle begins. ……. Yes there is conscious choice, but there are also subconscious behaviours, and engrained is our human, primal response to move away from pain. Somewhere along the way there might be a realisation that what they are doing or what they have become maybe perceived as a failure, but I don’t believe that it was ever anyone’s intent to become that, they didn’t choose to end up like that and for that reason they can’t be a failure, they are simply someone who lacked the coping skills or resources to cope with their pain in a more productive way at the time. Perhaps that’s why I can do what I do, I don’t see the addict sitting in front of me, I see a student who needs tools and skills to manage or remove their pain. 

Learn More about Addiction

What ever you are experiencing, or challenges you are trying to overcome with addiction, there will be a solution for you!  There are many services and help available, some even free of charge if you are not sure where to start.

The Alcohol Drug Helpline New Zealand or Lifeline Australia as they are a great start on your journey to controlling your drug and alcohol addiction.  You can call their Helpline on New Zealand 0800 787 797 of Australia 131114 for friendly, confidential, non-judgmental advice and support.

12 step programs have been around for more than 100 years and have helped millions recover from addictions.  Contact aa Australia or aa New Zealand to find the right 12 step program for you.

If you would like help to quit your smoking addiction, Quitline New Zealand or Quit Australia, each have a free support line you can call on 0800 778 778 NZ or 13 7848 Australia.

For food addictions or binge eating, the mental health foundation provide information and links to various support groups.

Overcoming Addiction


  •  Stop Smoking for good programme
  • Phone Support
  • Take Home Audios
  • Tools to help with Cravings
Food Addiction


  •  Overcome Food Addiction
  • Phone Support
  • Take Home Audios
  • Tools to help with Cravings
Drug and Alcohol Addiction


  •  Help and Support with drug and alcohol addiction
  • Phone Support
  • Take Home Audios
  • Tools to help with Cravings & Triggers

Ready to make some life changes? Awesome!

If you have made the decision to make some changes in your life then you are going to love Hypnotherapy. Fast, effective and medically proven results that will last.  What are you waiting for??