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Why choose Zen Counselling?

If you are searching for Zen Counselling in Auckland or Sydney, Counselling Australia or a Counsellor in New Zealand then look no further.

Are you feeling alone, perhaps nobody seems to understand or relate to what you are going through. Do you feel like you just need to talk someone?  If you are having relationship issues, grieving a loss or  have some overwhelming issues that you cant seem to get past, Zen Counselling can help.

Zen Counselling – Combines counselling with proven clinical hypnotherapy if needed.  Some people have more success combining counselling with hypnotherapy, because counselling on its own addresses issues at a conscious level or surface level. Combined with Hypnotherapy it addresses  issues you might be having at a deeper subconscious level as well.

All Counselling sessions include a free consultation.  These are either by phone, skype or in person, giving you the chance to ask any questions you might have, and ensure that the services we offer are the right choice for you.

The first step is making contact.

What counselling can help with

Counselling for addictions


counselling for improved self image and confidence


Counselling for grief, loss and trauma


Counselling for Management of stress and anxiety
Couples Counselling
Counselling for Personal Issues

A little bit more about us

Sometimes you just need to talk or know that someone is listening, without judgement.  What ever your issue, counselling can help.  If you have a pattern of behaviour you want to stop or change, but no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to overcome it, then it is likely that there are subconscious reasons why you keep repeating the behaviour. This is where Zen counselling stands out from the rest. It addresses both the presenting issues as well as the underlying triggers.

Example: Mary and John are having problems in their relationship and often arguing over trivial things.  They both know that they love each other and that the fighting is affecting their marriage, but they cant seem to stop their patterns of behaviour. During counselling John explains that  Mary bottles things up and does not communicate her needs to him, he feels like he has to read her mind.   John gets frustrated that he can never seem to do anything right and admits that he gets defensive and angry.  Mary thinks John is confrontational when she gets upset, and his resulting anger just makes her withdraw even more.

Counselling identifies the conscious issue of communication.  Mary and John agree that they need to open up communication and speak more openly about their feelings with each other in a compassionate way.  They know what they need to do at a conscious level but what counselling on its own does not address,  is the underlying reasons why Mary is unable to communicate her needs, and why John becomes defensive and is unable to control his anger. If these underlying issues are not addressed the patterns will keep repeating themselves.

Ready to talk? We’re ready to listen

Talking to someone about how you are feeling is the first step. Sometimes spending time with a best friend can be all the counselling you need, but if you need a little more help or want a compassionate and non judgemental ear to listen to you, then maybe counselling is for you.    I am only a phone call away .. Contact me today!


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