Why choose Zen Hypnotherapy Auckland ?

Zen Hypnotherapy Auckland, providing  you with hypnotherapy, mindfulness, counselling and life coaching services.

Do you need help to overcome hurdles in your life,  or reach your goals?  Zen Hypnotherapy can help.

Zen Hypnotherapy – Combines clinical hypnotherapy with mindfulness, counselling and coaching techniques.  We tailor your hypnosis session to you for faster results and more lasting change.  As the name suggests, our goal is that all clients can experience a little more “Zen” or calm and peace  in their lives, our sessions focus on teaching our clients self hypnosis and the art of mindfulness.  Self hypnosis and mindfulness are simple to learn and allow you to achieve a state of calm and peace when you need it.

Zen Hypnotherapy is not all about hypnosis.  To learn more about the services offered and which one is best for you, click here to visit our services page

All our Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, Counselling or Life coaching sessions include a free consultation.  These are either by phone, skype or in person, giving you the chance to ask any questions you might have, and ensure that the services we offer are the right choice for you.

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What ever you are feeling or problem you are trying to solve, zen hypnotherapy can help you!

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking


  •  Stop smoking quick and easy
  • Manage cravings and other addictions

Hypnotherapy for Management of stress and anxiety

Stress, Phobias and Anxiety

  • Learn self hypnosis to overcome fear
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Overcome Phobia’s
  • Create Calm

Couples Counselling

Couples and relationship Counselling

  •  re-ignite the romance in your relationship
  • Improve communication
  • Resolve differences
Hypnotherapy to assist in healthy weight management

Healthy Weightloss

  • Healthy habits, no diets
  • Stop binge eating and cravings

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Medical/Pain Relief

  • Learn self hypnosis for pain management
  • Relief from medical symptoms
  • Sleeping  Difficulties
  • Drug free anesthesia

Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem and Confidence

  •  Improve Self Esteem
  • Build Confidence
  • Be the best version of you
Hypnotherapy for calm birth and pregnancy

Childbirth and Fertility

  • Calm and relaxed birthing
  • Improve your natural fertility

Hypnotherapy tailored to children

Hypnosis for Children

  • Improve self esteem & confidence
  • Improve Concentration
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Bed wetting

Grief, loss and Trauma Counselling

Feeling Alone, Grief, Loss and trauma

  • Get support to help you through
  • Learn coping techniques
  • Someone warm and empathetic to listen

Ready to make some life changes?

If you have decided to make some changes in your life then you are going to love Hypnotherapy. Simple, fast and medically proven results that will last.  What are you waiting for … Contact us today!

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