Mindfulness – What is Mindfulness and how will it help?

If you are searching for Mindfulness Auckland or someone who coaches Mindfulness in Auckland then you are in the right place. Do you need help to manage depression, anxiety or stress in your life? if you do then  Mindfulness can help.

At Zen we combine clinical hypnotherapy, counselling techniques and Mindfulness.  We tailor your sessions to you for faster results and more lasting change.  As the name suggests, our sessions focus on Zen teachings and mindfulness.  Mindfulness is simple to learn and allows you to achieve a state of calm and peace when you need it.

All our Mindfulness sessions include a free consultation.  These are either by phone, skype or in person, giving you the chance to ask any questions you might have, and ensure that the services we offer are the right choice for you.

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Research and studies show that Mindfulness can be used effectively to manage depression, anxiety and stress resulting in

  • increased calmness
  • improved concentration and ability to focus attention
  • raised self-awareness
  • ability to resolve conflicts and development of positive relationships

When combined with other techniques that we teach, the results are often life changing!

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Assist with addiction and cravings

  •  Easy and Quick

Hypnotherapy for Management of stress and anxiety

Stress, Phobias and Anxiety

  • Become calm, overcome fear

Hypnotherapy to assist in healthy weight management

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Healty habits, no diets

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Medical/Pain Relief

  • Drug free pain relief
  • Relief from medical symptoms

Hypnotherapy for calm birth and pregnancy

Childbirth and Fertility

  • Calm and relaxed birthing

Hypnotherapy tailored to children

Mindfulness for Children

  • Improved memory
  • Increased well being
  • Improved focus and concentration

Ready to make some life changes?

If you want a calmer and more peaceful life with a lot less stress then you are going to love Mindfulness. Simple, fast and scientifically proven results for managing anxiety and stress.  What are you waiting for … Contact us today!

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Still need more information?

Wikipedia provides some detailed information.  It includes the definition of mindfulness, its history and medical research done.

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